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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deliciousness in a box!

So, as a BzzAgent, I had a great opportunity to try some of Kroger's Private Selection brand items. We tried the Frozen Margharita Pizza. It was absolutely delicious. We usually don't eat frozen pizzas because they all taste the same, but...the pizza tasted as if we had just made it ourselves! It was an easy, quick fix. Our son also enjoyed it as well. He munched away saying "yummy! mmmm PIZZA!" We usually make our own pizza at home, but this really helps on those nights when we get home late, and need to get dinner on the table quick--or if we want to have a lazy Sunday. ;) The ingredients are natural, and the taste exquisite.

I am looking to try the Chocolate Cake desserts later this week... I will report back later!