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Monday, April 30, 2012

Slow Cooker Expert?!?!

So today on Facebook, my friend posted a pic of a delicious beefaroni she made using her Slow Cooker. I commented on how much I loved my Slow Cooker, and I would send her some recipes. Little did I know it would turn into quite an extensive conversation. I am no expert, but I love my slow cooker. I think it is one of the 5 most essential items in my kitchen. With a slow cooker, dinner can always be ready (with a little planning). So here is what I shared with her: All-Clad has one of the best, however it is more expensive. Oval-shaped is better than round (circle) especially if you freeze food ahead of time. We have been buying our meats in bulk. I marinate the meats, and most of the vegetables in a zip-top plastic freezer bag. When I am ready to cook it, I dump it all in the Slow Cooker, add about a cup of water or chicken stock, cover the slow cooker, and walk away. I also recommended one with an insert that is easily removable for cleaning ;) Here is a link to some "Florida Fusion" recipes found on the All-Clad website. Pretty Simple! :)