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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A teacher's worth

The value of teachers article was posted on Facebook by a fellow teacher today.

Interesting enough, I was just ranting about how under appreciated teachers really are. People laugh or giggle when I tell them "I am a teacher". And I hear "Oh how nice to have summers off!" "How easy! Get paid to hang out with kids and make sure they are doing what they have to" (these are my 2 personal favorites)

Summer's Off???! Really??? Did you know I spend my Summers in intensive Master's Level Courses prepping for the following school year? Did you know that I spend my Summer's preparing lesson plans so that YOUR CHILD will get the most out of the time he/she is with me? Or maybe you knew that I spend my Summers working a 2nd job so that I can supplement my very *Crappy* income?! Bottom line people: WE DON'T GET SUMMERS OFF!!!! BEING A TEACHER IS NOT EASY!!!!!!

"Teacher" is the basic title, but what it entails is so much more. I am a nurse when your child gets a paper cut or falls on the playground. I am the mediator between Johnny and Maria when they can't share the green crayon in the Art Center. I am the comfort to Bobbie when her mommy leaves her at school, and she really misses her mommy. I am a confidant to the student who's parents are separating, and that student is between houses. I am the psychologist to the parents of the student who are separating, and giving them the best advice for their child. (Get the picture??)

The "Teacher" title is not just is earned. Parents, appreciate your child's teacher. Take the moment to say "thank you." Send them an email or a note saying you appreciate them. It reminds us why we do what we do.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Few Bad Apples...

Because of a few bad apples who are Dishonest and (dare I say it) EXTREME COUPONERS....I was unable to complete a BzzAgent Campaign today.

As part of BzzAgent, I had received a coupon for a free 11x14 Canvas print that expires on Jan 17, 2012. I found a beautiful picture from my friend's wedding that I edited, and uploaded it to a jump drive to take to the store...since I cannot order it online.

I was very disappointed when I went to Meijers today and was told that I could no longer use my coupon. They were very nice, and offered me a 50% off coupon for something else, but it was very disappointing...especially because my coupon had not expired! They said it was due to others who abused this wonderful opportunity and were honest costumers! Part of what we pledge as BZZAGENTS is to be honest, and fair. I was very sad. THis is of no fault of Meijer's or BzzAgent. I wish BzzAgent would have sent an email to let us know that this was happening. According to the clerk, it was over 3 weeks that they had not been taking the coupon. So sad that others went and ruined it!!

I guess I should have taken an old picture, that I wasn't in love with, and gone to Meijer's earlier to take advantage.

There should be a way that you can limit the number of times you print the coupon that was sent. Or, there should have been an actual printed coupon mailed to the BzzAgents who were part of the campaign. From the looks of it, I was not the only disappointed Agent out there.
I am sorry to those who went through the embarrassment like I did.

I am still very happy with BzzAgent and the opportunities they have given me to try new products, but...this was an Epic Fail!! Sorry!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Clean and Fresh Laundry!!

So it's Jan 2, and in my culture, it is bad luck to do laundry on Jan means you are going to wash away all the good that is coming for the year. So you do laundry on Dec 31st, to wash away all the bad, and make sure you have clean laundry for the coming year. If you can't get to your laundry on December 31st, you wait until January 2nd. So...we did most of our laundry December 31st, and finished today. The last few loads, I switched from another brand to Purex Triple Action for High Efficiency washers.

I was very excited to try something new, since I was "stuck in a rut" with my old detergent. I was hesitant to change, due to sensitive skin and all, but I said "why not!?" So we gave it a shot. We definitely have loved the clean smell of our sheets and clothes. But I have enjoyed the softness in my t-shirts most of all. They are not scratchy and feel great. My son gives his clothes a run for their money, but all his clothes look good as new now! The only small thing I have noticed, is the "detergent marker" on the lid is not very easy to see, so it can be difficult to measure the amount of detergent you need. Purex Laundry Detergent has been great, and the price is within our budget.

So, thanks to Purex, I am going to run a contest from now until January 15, 2012 for a free bottle of Purex Triple Action for High Efficiency Washers. To enter this "fun contest" you must:
--Leave a comment about your "wanting" to change detergents (1 entry--mandatory)
**Additional Entries:**
--Follow me on Twitter and retweet contest, and comment here with your Twitter handle (@Twittername)--1 entry
--Follow my blog, and comment with your name (1 entry)
(I am still working on Facebook page)

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

**Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action Laundry detergent so I could write a review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own!"**

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Versatile Syrup = Heaven

Thanks to, and the blogging community, my family and I were given a chance to try some of the Torani syrups. Can I tell you how delicious these recipes are?? Not to mention how many sugar-free flavors they offer!

Now, don't get me wrong...on a cold, winter's day, it is so easy to stop at get a Peppermint flavored coffee at a high-end coffee shop. But, but there is a huge satisfaction in making it yourself. Not to mention, you know how much syrup is going into your morning coffee. ;) In the time it takes me to pack lunches, and put coats on, my Peppermint coffee is ready to go. I also decided to use the syrup in my hot chocolate a few nights ago...DELICIOUSNESS!!! The latest use for my Peppermint syrup--Chocolate Covered Peppermint Oreo Balls. **RECIPE ALERT!!!**

Morning Coffee--this is a given for this sugar-free syrup. But now I am going to make some brownies and cookies with this syrup to see how it works. ;)

The syrups have proven perfectly delicious and very versatile. I know for a fact that these will be a staple in our home, and gift for our baking and coffee drinking friends!