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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A teacher's worth

The value of teachers article was posted on Facebook by a fellow teacher today.

Interesting enough, I was just ranting about how under appreciated teachers really are. People laugh or giggle when I tell them "I am a teacher". And I hear "Oh how nice to have summers off!" "How easy! Get paid to hang out with kids and make sure they are doing what they have to" (these are my 2 personal favorites)

Summer's Off???! Really??? Did you know I spend my Summers in intensive Master's Level Courses prepping for the following school year? Did you know that I spend my Summer's preparing lesson plans so that YOUR CHILD will get the most out of the time he/she is with me? Or maybe you knew that I spend my Summers working a 2nd job so that I can supplement my very *Crappy* income?! Bottom line people: WE DON'T GET SUMMERS OFF!!!! BEING A TEACHER IS NOT EASY!!!!!!

"Teacher" is the basic title, but what it entails is so much more. I am a nurse when your child gets a paper cut or falls on the playground. I am the mediator between Johnny and Maria when they can't share the green crayon in the Art Center. I am the comfort to Bobbie when her mommy leaves her at school, and she really misses her mommy. I am a confidant to the student who's parents are separating, and that student is between houses. I am the psychologist to the parents of the student who are separating, and giving them the best advice for their child. (Get the picture??)

The "Teacher" title is not just is earned. Parents, appreciate your child's teacher. Take the moment to say "thank you." Send them an email or a note saying you appreciate them. It reminds us why we do what we do.

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