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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Few Bad Apples...

Because of a few bad apples who are Dishonest and (dare I say it) EXTREME COUPONERS....I was unable to complete a BzzAgent Campaign today.

As part of BzzAgent, I had received a coupon for a free 11x14 Canvas print that expires on Jan 17, 2012. I found a beautiful picture from my friend's wedding that I edited, and uploaded it to a jump drive to take to the store...since I cannot order it online.

I was very disappointed when I went to Meijers today and was told that I could no longer use my coupon. They were very nice, and offered me a 50% off coupon for something else, but it was very disappointing...especially because my coupon had not expired! They said it was due to others who abused this wonderful opportunity and were honest costumers! Part of what we pledge as BZZAGENTS is to be honest, and fair. I was very sad. THis is of no fault of Meijer's or BzzAgent. I wish BzzAgent would have sent an email to let us know that this was happening. According to the clerk, it was over 3 weeks that they had not been taking the coupon. So sad that others went and ruined it!!

I guess I should have taken an old picture, that I wasn't in love with, and gone to Meijer's earlier to take advantage.

There should be a way that you can limit the number of times you print the coupon that was sent. Or, there should have been an actual printed coupon mailed to the BzzAgents who were part of the campaign. From the looks of it, I was not the only disappointed Agent out there.
I am sorry to those who went through the embarrassment like I did.

I am still very happy with BzzAgent and the opportunities they have given me to try new products, but...this was an Epic Fail!! Sorry!!

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