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Friday, May 25, 2012


Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten: Extreme Make Over {Classroom Edition} NEW STUFF!:

Check out her freebie!! Someone already got to work on next year's classroom! Read her refreshing ideas and share!!! Click on her name below to access your freebie!!

 She always has cute ideas and lots of pictures! If you don't follow her already, then head on over....tell her I sent you :-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Math-n-spire: Math Notebook {Notes}

Math-n-spire: Math Notebook {Notes}: After my post on Integers , I received a few emails and comments asking for more pictures on the "math notebook". So I've put together a ste...

Monday, May 7, 2012

OXO Food Scale giveaway!!

Enter to win a 5lb Food Scale from OXO! If you look through your kitchen utility drawer, you may have noticed that most of your products might just be by a specific brand...OXO to be exact. You may not have ever noticed, but since 1990, OXO has seeped its way into our homes. From peelers, to tongs, to salad spinners, OXO has always paid close attention to detail, and making their products better. I had a chance to try the OXO 5lb Food Scale recently.
I had never used a Food Scale before, but I have read and heard over the years how useful they really are. A digital food scale is great to help with creating healthy eating portions, to helping you calculate caloric intake. (if you know how much food you are intaking, you can calculate how many calories you are eating).
This scale offers you a way to "zero out" your dish/container. You place the empty dish/container on the scale and press the "Zero" button. This will now not take into account the weight of the dish when you add the food. GENIUS!!! NO MORE GUESSING!!!!!
By far one of the easiest scales ever! Push a button, and done. The scale does the work for you. Did I mention it has a Pull-Out Display?? So much easier to read. No more guessing! My family and I have really enjoyed using the kitchen scale. It has definitely made us much more conscious of how much we eat.
So now here is the fun part..... One lucky reader will win the very scale shown above. To enter the OXO Food Scale Giveaway simply follow the entries below. 4 of them are mandatory. a Rafflecopter giveaway Full disclosure: I received my 5lb Scale and the scale to give away from OXO for free, as part of their blogger outreach program. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Diet to NEXT

And so my initial thought...MORE DIET SODA?!?! Sheesh...let's not mess with perfection! Well...Pepsi NEXT surprised me! I received my BzzAgent package while I was traveling, so I was excited to see my package waiting for me on the kitchen table when I returned. This is what I found...
Lucky for me, we already drink Pepsi in our we got to do a real "COMPARISON" of the product.
We tasted all 3 Pepsi products, and reached the final conclusions...Pepsi NEXT tastes better ice cold, and it tastes as if Pepsi and Diet Pepsi came together in one glass. There is just enough sweetness, like regular Pepsi, however, it tastes more like a Diet Pepsi (which works for me because I drink Diet Pepsi). Well done, Pepsi...Well Done!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BzzAgent Opportunity

Check it out! Here is a chance to try Gucci's new Flora Fragrance. Join me now as a BzzAgent! If you qualify, you will be sent some samples for you to keep and some to share! Signing up is easy... Just click this link, create a BzzAgent profile, and VIOLA!! DONE! This is open to new BzzAgents only. If you already a BzzAgent, the link will not work!!