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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Diet to NEXT

And so my initial thought...MORE DIET SODA?!?! Sheesh...let's not mess with perfection! Well...Pepsi NEXT surprised me! I received my BzzAgent package while I was traveling, so I was excited to see my package waiting for me on the kitchen table when I returned. This is what I found...
Lucky for me, we already drink Pepsi in our we got to do a real "COMPARISON" of the product.
We tasted all 3 Pepsi products, and reached the final conclusions...Pepsi NEXT tastes better ice cold, and it tastes as if Pepsi and Diet Pepsi came together in one glass. There is just enough sweetness, like regular Pepsi, however, it tastes more like a Diet Pepsi (which works for me because I drink Diet Pepsi). Well done, Pepsi...Well Done!

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