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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lessons from Abuela

Below is a post I wrote after my grandmother passed away. Today February 29, 2012 is the anniversary of her death. She lived life to the fullest, and was a special, and unique person. Her passing on Leap Day means more--because it was a day as unique as her.

Abuela was my hero. She taught me everything I know; how to be a friend, how to live life and even how to set a table for a formal dinner. She lived life to the fullest extent and until she took her final breath. She passed on Friday February 29, 2008 with her family and those closest to her around her. She passed on a day as unique as her-Leap Day. She stuck her tounge out at me one last time as she always did when I passed by her room as a way of saying I LOVE YOU, and then drew her final breath. It has been hard to let go of someone I love so much. She wanted a party, and that is what we gave her. We celebrated her life this past weekend and lost family and friends were reunited and swore to never part ways again.

It is hard to sit here and type this without sheding tears, but she's probably looking down at me and sticking her tounge out at me because I shouldn't be crying, I should be smiling--she passed on her terms and when SHE was ready. We can only wish that we could do the same.

Abuela taught me the values of family dinner around the table or kitchen counter--time spent with your family is the most important time of all. She taught me that it was okay to eat off paper plates every now and then, but "let's humor my mother and eat off regular plates." She loved all my friends as if they were her own grandchildren. She was my confidant. I could go to her and tell her my problems and she would listen and let me solve them on my own, but never complained that I vented to her. I would lay in her bed and watch TV with her as she sat on her chair. We would fall asleep watching Golf and NASCAR, but she always knew what was happening. She lived life to the fullest!

As she passed on Friday the smile remained on her face--the smile that I will always remember. I know she is sitting in heaven with Abuela Isa (Alyna's grandmother-who was as fiesty and energetic as her) and Titi (Jackie's grandmother) and they are looking down on us smiling at the fact that they did a good job.

Abuela you will be missed, but your values and passion for life will live on with us. We miss you and we will always think of you. We know you will be watching down on us when we need you. I am just happy you made it to see me be a bride--I know it was your happiest day ever!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Read Across America-Target

Tomorrow February 25, 2012 Target Stores across America will be hosting "Read Across America" from 9AM-11AM. There will be a live reading of The Lorax, free goodie bags, and activities!!

Let's remember Dr. Seuss, and Read! READ! READ!!!

"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere."
Dr. Seuss

Monday, February 20, 2012

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