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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"And Here We Go..."

So my friend over at A Teacher's Treasure, has been walking me through this process. All the years I have known her (10) and I didn't realize how creative she was!!

I am a stay at home mommy, who is looking to return to teaching. As I have been digging through my boxes, and organizing my garage, I realize how much I miss being in the classroom. :( There is also this job, called MOMMY!! And that is a full time job in it of itself! So...until something comes my way, I am going to turn my basement into a preschool, and get my "teaching fix" that way!

I have plans of adding a page dedicated to my "Favorite Place on Earth--DISNEY!!! Living in Florida, my hubby and I , and our friends, went very often.Now living in Indiana...not so much. So, I have to get my fix somehow. Our son has not gone, and will not go until he is at least him a chance to enjoy it and remember it. I still remember my first trip at 7, and it is some of the best memories I have with my grandmothers!

There will also be a page dedicated to teaching ideas, tips and websites. I have many ideas, lesson plans, sheets that I love to share, and so...that is what I will be doing. My third page will be dedicated to Recipes and deals. A few of my friends and my family  love to cook, and we share ideas back and this is where you can find them too!

As time progresses, I am sure there will be new pages and ideas. I am also open to ideas! =) So...feel free to find us on Facebook and Twitter and leave us your feedback. (Facebook works, but it hasn't "gone live" just yet)...

Your Partner in Education--Ms. V

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  1. Yey! It's wonderful!
    Here are a few great resources: - she has tutorial for upgrading your blog.
    Here is hwo to create a button -
    To get it all looking all cute and stuff you need to use a digital scrapbooking software. Lots of stuff is free online to download. I bought a program called My Memories Suite which was recommended to me by other bloggers.

    Start following other educational blogs (look at my page for some references and write them comments to introduce yourself) that's how you'll start getting followers :)
    Post you link of facebook, twitter, etc.
    Also, post & link your blog on teacher's forums & Pinterest! (if you don't know what Pinterest is let me know right away!)

    <3 you!!!!

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure