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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"I feel right, ,Brian...I feel right..."

If there are any Family Guy enthusiasts out there in Cyperspace...then you get this =)

I feel good. I feel right. I have been working on my basement, and setting it up all afternoon for my son. We had quite a fun day. We built a tent (Cueva as Peanut referred to it) with a tunnel. I took an old mattress pad and laid it on the inside so it would be a little more comfortable than the rug. He took some of his stuffed animals and pillows and placed them on the inside, and kept telling the cats to "follow him" into the Cueva. We would take turns hiding, and playing. He found some old stuffed animals of ours and has now claimed them for his own. (and that is okay...)

Little by little the basement is taking shape into a classroom. Hopefully soon I can get my hands on some "vida practica" items--for dramatic play, and a small bookshelf for his books. We have the Art Room set up (pics to follow tomorrow), and our mat for reading time and Music time. I figured his tent area can be his quite area for him to "read" to his stuffed animals and the cats, or spend time hanging out.

It's all taking shape...I am very excited...."I feel right!"

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