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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time for...Clases de Español!

 I am not a certified Spanish Teacher, but I learned it with my Abuelas knocking it into me, if it was thing ever! (I am so grateful they did that!!) I also attended a bilingual school in Miami, FL, where Spanish was taught weekly from preschool, all the way until 8th grade. I continued through High School, as well. I have perfected the art of speaking and writing it, with the amazing help of my hubby and in-laws and familia.

I receive an email from one of my amazing co-workers asked me who could tutor here littles in Spanish. She said they were extremely curious about learning the language. I told her I would be happy to help them out this Summer, and get them a foundation. I have searched high and low in the depths of the interwebs and found a very helpful site: Mudpies and Makeup
She has  a great setup for "calendar" that reminds me of my old classroom. I like the portability of it. My new room is rather small, and so I need to find things that are easy to put up and take down. I am in the process now of putting it together, so pic to follow of what it looks like completed.

I hope you all pass over to Muspies and Makeup and check out what else she may have to offer!

Hasta Pronto!!

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